Jewelry Insurance

It may not be romantic, but the peace of mind is pretty sweet.

What is Jewelry Insurance?

Jewelry insurance exists to help safeguard your jewelry investment should something happen to it. Though your favorite pieces can never be replaced—especially if they are custom-made, heirlooms, antiques or made with hard-to-find materials—jewelry insurance can cover a portion or the entirety of the monetary value should your items become lost, stolen, or damaged.

It Protects Your Investment

Perhaps the most obvious reason to get your jewelry insured is that it protects your monetary investment, and, therefore, your overall worth. At the end of the day, expensive jewelry carries more than just sentimental value.

It Makes Mishaps Less Impactful

If you’ve ever experienced the devastation and vulnerability that sets in after having been robbed or enduring a natural disaster, you know that there’s virtually nothing that can serve as a real consolation. With that being said, getting the value of your jewelry back is one way to lessen the blow.

And while the emotional value of your ring is impossible to replace, ring insurance can cover the replacement cost. Ring insurance can be bought as an extension to your renter’s or homeowner’s policy. Or, for more coverage (replacing the actual lost or stolen ring), consider a company that specializes in jewelry insurance. Here are some additional ring insurance tips:

5 Quick tips from our jewelry replacement expert, Megan!
  1. Take pictures of your jewelry items and keep an up-to-date detailed inventory log of all pieces.
  2. When you make a jewelry purchase with us, you'll be given a Statement of Value document (if not, request one by calling the phone number below). Keep this document safe as you'll likely need it when looking to insure your jewelry. We require the original receipt from your purchase in order to properly complete the Statement of Value for you. Once completed, these Statements of Value generally satisfy insurance company requirements for jewelry riders appended to homeowner's policies.
  3. Keep in mind that the value of your jewelry can increase over time. It is important to obtain a current Statement of Value every 2-3 years and update your policy when the value of jewelry changes to ensure adequate coverage with your insurance company.
  4. Keep a copy of your purchase receipt on your computer or in a safe.
  5. As always, have your jewelry inspected regularly. Jewelry inspections can be performed at any Rogers & Hollands or Ashcroft & Oak.Make an Appointment ›

Has your jewelry been lost, stolen, or damaged?

Our jewelry replacement experts have helped many guests replace their missing, stolen, or damaged jewelry. Each one of our store locations are staffed with compassionate sales associates who are certified replacement specialists and ready to help you!

We provide jewelry replacement insurance quotes and work directly with your insurance company. Our master jewelers provide custom services to re-create your unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry with one goal in mind, to create new jewelry that's indistinguishable from your original pieces.


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