August 11, 2023

Blue Topaz | The December Birthstone Guide

Isabella Riley

Blue Topaz | The December Birthstone Guide

What better way to commemorate the first month of the winter season than with a glistening, beautiful blue gemstone?

December’s birthstone is one that is loved and worn by many throughout human history, it’s the blue topaz.

Believed to bring protection, the topaz was a signature stone in many ancient civilizations. From the Aztecs, to the ancient Egyptians, there was a universal knowledge known throughout each corner of the globe that this stone was truly special. Read on to find out what this stone is all about, why there are so many different shades and to shop our top jewelry picks to show off this dazzling stone

What is the meaning of blue topaz?

There are many significant meanings behind this fascinating stone. While blue topaz signified protection in early human history, its relevance in our lives has altered and evolved. Currently, blue topaz is associated with affection and is often given as a sign of love. Blue topaz is the true anniversary gift to signify both four and 19 years of marriage together (a stone so beautiful they had to include it twice!). The phonetic meaning behind the word topaz comes from the Greek word topazion, meaning fire. Additionally, many believe the name topaz might have derived from the Egyptian island of topazos - now called St. Johns.

What are the benefits of wearing blue topaz?

Aside from the apparent beauty of this gemstone, there are some fantastic properties and benefits you may be gaining from wearing this stone without even knowing it. The healing properties behind topaz are bountiful. We’re not sure of what good fortune the stone DOESN’T bring. Some of these believed healing properties include recharging and aligning the body and soothing the soul and mind. Additionally, the stone is known to attract abundance, healing, and joy, which benefits anyone who wears this incredible stone, not just for December babies.

Where is blue topaz found?

Blue topaz can be found all over the world, the more quality stones can be found in southeast Asia. In addition to southeast Asia, topaz stones can be extracted from the mountains in central Europe, Australia, Brazil and southern Africa.

Wearing blue topaz as an engagement ring...

From Princess Kate wearing a beautiful sapphire Katy Perry rocking a ruby, it’s becoming more of a trend to use a unique, colorful gemstone for an engagement ring. For those born in December, the blue topaz could be an even more special stone to signify your love.

blue topaz ring

JK Crown London Blue Topaz & Diamond Halo Ring in 10k White Gold

How can you elevate an already pristine, cushion-cut London blue topaz? Surround it in sparkling and gorgeous diamonds. Featuring a 10k white gold setting and two pink tourmaline accent stones, this ring is nothing short of spectacular. 

Sky Blue Topaz and London Blue Topaz Ring in 14k White Gold

This vintage-inspired ring is crafted of 14k white gold and features one sky blue topaz as the centerpiece and two London blue topaz (emerald cut) stones on each side.

Diamond and Sky Blue Topaz Ring in 14k White Gold

This stunning ring features three signature blue topaz stones all surrounded by white diamonds, and hand set in 14k white gold.

How many birthstones does December have?

December has one of the highest number of assigned birthstones - three total. While different, each stone has something in common with one another, their blue shade. The three stones are blue topaz, turquoise, and tanzanite. The reason December has more than one stone has to do with these changing variables: the stone’s availability, price point, and popularity (over time). 

Blue topaz and the zodiac 

The month of December is not only home to the birthstone, blue topaz, but it is also the month of two powerful zodiac signs. Both Sagittarius and Capricorn are unique and are strong signs in astrology. Sagittarius are explorers at heart, while the Capricorn is ambitious. The zodiac signs of December share the planetary story of blue topaz. Ancient tales believe that specific gemstones are connected to different planets and astrological signs. It was thought that wearing the stone associated with the zodiac at your time of birth (or birth month) would offer positive effects in your life. For the Capricorn and Sagittarius, amplifying these zodiac’s core strengths could lead to quite phenomenal things.

blue topaz

How to wear Blue Topaz

Ancient civilizations would wear blue topaz on their breastplates and on their clothing. In the modern era, there are many wonderful ways to embrace blue topaz jewelry. Below, we’ve broken down three of our favorite ways to show off this beautiful stone. 

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Wearing blue topaz jewelry as a staple piece...

Among every jewelry collection, there are select pieces that are bold, exciting, and one of a kind. We refer to these as staple pieces. The ones that are memorable and talked about at any social gathering. Here are some ways to add the blue topaz as a staple in your jewelry box. 

Blue Topaz & Diamond Star Pendant in 10K White Gold

Featuring genuine round blue topaz gemstone and white round diamonds, this pendant will surely draw all eyes. Completely set in 10 karat white gold, the unique design of the pendant star shape is memorable and signature .

Cushion-Cut Blue Topaz & Iolite Birthstone Pendant in Sterling Silver

The timeless elegance of December’s birthstone is on full display in this cushion-cut blue topaz pendant. Set in sterling silver, this piece is accented by rose gold plating, shimmering (round cut) diamonds and a beautifully deep purple iolite stone for added contrast.

Cushion-Cut Blue Topaz & Iolite Birthstone Earrings in Sterling Silver

To complement the blue topaz and iolite pendant, pair with the matching set earrings. Just like the necklace, these earrings combine round cut diamonds and purple iolite stone for added complexity and sophistication.

Wearing blue topaz as everyday jewelry...

Modest, but classic! Everyday jewelry is a great way to showcase blue topaz. A beautiful stone that mixes with various outfits, environments (work or play) and perfect for December-born explores or go-getters in your life. 

Blue Topaz & Diamond Stackable Band in 10K White Gold

This gorgeous stackable band features round genuine blue topaz gemstones and diamond accent stones, all set in beautiful and genuine 10 karat white gold.

Blue Topaz & Diamond Drop Earrings in 10k White Gold

These blue topaz earrings feature associating diamond stones and are set in genuine 10k white gold. Utilizing geometric shapes, precious metals, and December’s signature stone, these earrings are a classic necessity in your jewelry collection for every day. 

Of all the beautiful blue gemstones out there, blue topaz holds a special place in our hearts. Whether it’s from the stone’s long-standing past, protecting civilization after civilization; or the stones’ ability to offer healing properties and promote love. With the long list of positive attributes, mixed with its elegance and charm, it’s no wonder we want it in our jewelry collections. 

blue topaz ring

Q: What is the difference between aquamarine and blue topaz?

Believe it or not, many confuse March’s birthstone aquamarine with December’s topaz. With an untrained eye and not shopping at a reputable jeweler, it’s easy to think one is the other. What are the differences to pay attention to? The most significant discerning factor is the light and refraction lines (the way light bounces - in multiple directions). If you can find more than two refraction lines in your blue stone, it’s more than likely a blue topaz (than aquamarine).

Q: What is London blue topaz?

When thinking of a topaz stone, you may be imagining different variations of blue hues. Anything from a light blue to a dark gray-blue can be considered a topaz. However, each color variety of topaz is categorized differently. For example, a London blue topaz is considered a darker topaz and can almost look green or gray. Since these darker stones are harder to come by, they’re viewed as more valuable and can drive the price of the stone or piece of jewelry higher. On the other side of the color spectrum, the beautiful light blue topaz stone is referred to as the Swiss blue topaz.

Q: How rare is blue topaz?

Finding naturally occurring blue topaz is extremely rare, as most topaz stones are light and seemingly translucent. In fact, the natural blue topaz doesn’t range in blue hues. Natural stones come in an extremely light blue shade and are closer to the Swiss blue topaz than the London blue topaz. Most blue topaz seen in modern-day jewelry and accessories has been heat-treated in some manner.

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